Investment Fund


BCG Diversified Residential Income Fund I

BCG DRF I, LP, a California limited partnership was established to provide qualified investors with an opportunity to invest in underperforming real estate assets primarily located in the greater Southern California area. The Fund will deliver a strong annual income yield and capital gains upon the medium-term disposition of the assets.

Fund Strategy

Multifamily Rental Platform

  • BCG DRF I is designed to acquire, renovate, lease and manage underperforming multifamily properties in Southern California.
  • BCG DRF I, will purchase off market and underperforming single family houses and small multifamily units for significant discounts to replacement costs and peak market values
  • Lease and manage properties to deliver a strong positive cash flow over 1-3 years to take advantage of rising rents and lower vacancies

Product Strategy

(Multifamily, 10 – 80 units)

  • Acquire Properties that generate strong cash flow and achieve market rents from young families, baby boomers and young professionals
  • Target urban housing segment where rents per square foot are the highest, and where the for-sale housing market will recover the most rapidly
  • Target high-density markets with strong long-term economic fundamentals (Los Angeles Metro Area)

The Fund is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the investment opportunity presented by the current housing market. BCG DRF I uses a value-style approach in its investment philosophy. The Fund focuses on the intrinsic value of the assets, and acquires properties that generate a high amount of cash flow per dollar of cost.

Multifamily Portfolio


Location: West Hollywood, CA
Units: 10

Hampton before Hampton after

The Devereux

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Units: 30

The Devereux before The Devereux after


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Units: 8

Before New After New

The Fourneaux

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Units: 30

The Fourneaux


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Units: 25



Location: Los Angeles
Units: 26



Location: Los Angeles
Units: 19